Public safety

Public safety

MindMade is very active developing business and solutions in the field of Public Safety, as a natural extension of its expertise in the area of cryptography, encryption and wireless mobile networks. In this way the WB Group integrated product strategy is conveyed into reality.

The market supporting Public Safety needs is a difficult and challenging, but a very attractive area, where products and services must suit a broad spectrum of applications and provide high scalability. This results from constantly rising expectations and awareness of customers, coupled with growing technological penetration of the public sector, where more and more equipment is deployed. MindMade is perfectly able to meet all these needs.

The strategy for development of this market is built according to analysis of current needs, as reported by the public administration sector, the financial potential as included in the national budget and/or administration/services unit budgets, as well as results of analysis of world trends in this area.

These activities have led to development and deployment of:

  • Communications Integration Platform (PIK) enabling deep (signal, data and voice layers) and broad (encompassing practically all actual technologies) integration of communications systems used by rescue and crisis teams, military and others
  • Encrypted Mobile Communications (SLM) which is a technological way to achieve mobility for traditional, fixed, certified communications employed by State services, based on ISDN technology, packet data routing in multiple systems, at the same time utilizing the MM-IP-Mobility technology
  • System for Protection of Data and Critical Infrastructure (SOBIK) which aims at acheiving multilayer protection and surveillance, employing multiple integrated supervision and control technologies.

It is the initial step in our systematically developing portfolio for the Public Safety market.

Utilizing multiple communications systems, MM-IP-Mobility technology, high environmental resistance and advanced and extremely stable operating system enables us to provide solutions appropriate even for the most demanding customers on the market.