Energy sector and utilities

Energy sector and utilities

MindMade is very active in the Energy Sector, developing business and solutions focusing on the Smart Grid and AMI area. Intelligent power transmission networks, including fully automated remote measurement/metering, pose significant challenges for years to come for all of the Energy Sector.

Following the work done by European Commission and by government agencies the URE (Energy Regulatory Office) has drawn the basic requirements in relation to Smart Metering Smart Grid Ready.

These activities aim at creation of an energy system based on smart grids, at the same time relaying the message about modification of approach towards investment process and about necessary support for the prosumer segment, opening up the market for efficient management of energy consumption and optimization of risks and costs involved in ensuring security on three integrated markets – electrical energy, heat and transport.

MindMade – leveraging many own experiences in the field of M2M and wireless, secure and reliable communications , as well as requirements defined and imposed by URE and main market players – has developed the Router inQL Twin IP54, which is the answer to requirements related to efficient and stable communications link on the level of meter readout hub. We successfully promote this product on the markets related to energy management.

It is the initial step in our systematically developing portfolio for the energy sector market.

Utilizing multiple communications systems, inQL-Integrity technology, high environmental resistance and advanced and extremely stable operating system enables us to provide solutions appropriate even for the most demanding customers on the market.