The company

The company


gathering prominent experts in the field of special communications, cellular technologies, cryptography and specialized electronic solutions.

They specialize in developing innovative solutions in the area of:

  • information security,
  • teletransmission and telecontrol,
  • measurement and control in industrial applications.
 We are leaders in creating advanced mobile wireless solutions dedicated for special communications and M2M.

Our activities include design and production of electronic devices and systems intended for both the special customers (public administration, military, highly advanced industries) and the mass market.

„The MindMade team carries substantial experience in creating and applying devices and cryptographic systems for protecting transmission of voice and data.”

Having experience and capacity in development, production and application of advanced products of our own, MindMade acts as the research and development facility in projects undertaken by the WB Group, reaching far beyond typically military electronics.

MindMade MindMade is an SME type company. Our investor relations includethe WB Group  and Warsaw Equity Investment.

Our expertise:

  • Embedded systems, special electronics of 24/7/365 grade, development and manufacturing
  • Specialized IT/Telecom systems, including development of applications, systems and embedded software (including real-time systems)
  • Secure and redundant transmission systems (voice, data, video) over wireless networks
  • Remote acquisition of data and remote control for industrial automation systems
  • Contactless transmission of power and data in extreme conditions
  • Communications continuity and availability (redundant interfaces, aggregation of coverage, MM-IP-Mobility) including data and voice transmission technologies in heterogenous networks: PSTN, ISDN, GSM, 3G, 4G, IP and satellite.
  • Cryptography, PKI (assymetric cryptographic algorithms)
  • Industrial measurement technologies : optical (refraction, geometry measurement and transmission), temperature, sound (audiometer), electrical measurements (current, voltage, capacitance, inductivity, Q Factor), fast acquisition of measurement data (special multichannel oscilloscope).


  • Energy Sector and utilities infrastructure providers, monitoring (data acquisition for road and industrial automation)
  • Security industry (integrated communications, video and data transmission) – PIK and inQL Routers
  • Pomeranian Excavation Industry (contactless transmission of power and data)