InQL Router Series


InQL-Twin IP54 230VAC (board – mounted)

Industry-grade, multisystem mobile router

InQL-Twin is a professional, multisystem router designed specifically for highly dependable transmission in telemetry and monitoring, surveillance applications with special focus on remote readout of utility meters, including electric power meters.  Two independent radio interfaces – UMTS and CDMA – included in a single device ensure dependable, broadband data access, independently of actual location.

Modern measurement systems more often call for remote management, configuration, monitoring and diagnostics of transmission parameters. At the same time it is expected, that the measurement system will be immune to effects of changes in configuration resulting from router actions. All these considerations are taken care of in the design of inQL-Twin.

Redundant radio interfaces – mean intelligence in selection of the most suitable radio interface, automatically performing all steps needed to establish and maintain the session link. MM-IP-Mobility technology, implemented in these routers, ensure that communications is never interrupted during radio interface switchover.

The routers support data compression to ensure that transmission time and network bandwith utilization is minimized. Advanced features are available in cooperation of routers with MM-IP-Mobility servers, which additionally provide monitoring of correctness of operation of routers and their remote configuration and software updating.

TCP/IP Router

can operate via its Ethernet port with any measurement and/or control devices, which support TCP/IP protocol suite, such as meters, hubs, cameras, monitoring or surveillance devices.

Continuous availability

optimized, multitasking operating system ensures multitude of autonomous checks for correctness of operation, increasing overall dependability.