PIK communications integration platform

PIK communications integration platform

Communications Integration Platform for the Services PIK – why everyone can communicate with everyone, while nothing has changed…

PIK is the answer to the need – which has been identified in Poland – for setting up a coordinated, integrated communications system for crisis response teams. In spite of recognizing the need for country-wide infrastructure for integrated communications nothing has beed built up to now. At the same time all the Services invested considerable funds in developing their own communications systems, mostly incompatible with each other.

Communications Integration Platform for the Services – PIK constitutes a step forward, meeting the demand for integrated communications, at the same time permitting to protect the investment already made. PIK strong points are: availability and redundancy of communications over all the territory of the country, achieved due to making use of multiple wireless channels and broadband data access.

Implementation of PIK gives instant capability for exchanging data and voice between team members operating on the scene, keach using his(her) own communications system, as well as with every legitimate user of a mobile phone.

PIK operation relies on a network of fixed and mobile communications gateways. The gateways are equipped with interfaces compatible with communications system of a particular service, and communicate with the remaining system components via packet networks such as cellular (CDMA, UMTS/HSPA) and WiFi and cable networks.

Supporting Infrastructure for PIK – includes server infrastructure with capability for remote configuration, as well as continuous operation of communications. This is achieved by utilizing the Single IP technology to switch between multiple cellular networks.

On-line always and everywhere

Ability to access multiple cellular media increases reliability and availability of the system, as well as ensures broadband data transfer all over the country.

Coverage extension

Whenever the agents move out of the coverage area of their native system, or when the direct link range is exceeded, each gateway assumes the role of the main communications channel.

Solutions for the military

Included in PIK is the MIS (Mobile System Integrator), prepared specifically for military customers. MIS will ensure an additional communications channel for mobile command-and-control systems and will integrate various military communications means, additionally increasing capabilities for data access and document exchange.

Broad spectrum of configuration capabilities

Each mobile gateway allows e.g. to select the preferred and backup networks, to specify their communication modes, to define usage mode for SIM/RUIM chips, as well as many other configuration parameters. All configuration can be performed remotely via a Web interface. For system-wide communications control an operator’s console is provided.