Power & Data Transfer PDT

Power & Data Transfer PDT

Contactless transmission of Power and Data

PDT is an industrial technology for contactless transmission of power and data. Efficient transmission of power and data in extreme conditions constitutes a serious technological challenge because of environmental factors that can affect deterioration of contacts, which may become corroded or dirty (effect of sea water or mud), or even induce a risk of explosion (methane gas concentration).

Original work development and pilot implementation projects in the field of industry installations operating in extreme environments provide us with knowledge and experience that permit us to supply a dedicated, scalable solution for even the most demanding customers and applications.

Technological PDT Solution as provided by MindMade includes the following features:

  • High Environmental Resistance makes deployment possible practically everywhere
  • Parallel Power and Data Transmission reduces time and cost of operation
  • Tolerancja Positioning Tolerance enables efficient operation even in conditions that make acheiving high accuracy difficult or impossible (darkness, sea currents)
  • Receiver Presence Detection
  • Dynamic Power Adjustment enables efficient and minimal energy consumption
  • Transmitted Power up to 50W
  • Transmitted Data up to 100Mb/s


PDT technology is offered for applications where connectors must meet high environmental requirements (military, rescue teams, excavation industry, industrial installations), or in special applications, requiring such specialized and efficient transmission of power and data.

Our portfolio

We can offer both access to PDT Technology and specific projects, including development and deployment, also in the production phase, of complete solutions for dedicated customer applications.