Encrypted mobile communications SLM

Encrypted mobile communications SLM

Encrypted Mobile Communications (SLM) is the result of technological and production cooperation within the WB Group, intended for customers requiring advanced cryptography and secure communications, also while on the move. SLM enables a technological way to achieve mobility for traditional, fixed communications employed by Services, based on ISDN technology in connection with efficient and stable system of mobile communications, based upon packet data transfer in multiple cellular systems (GSM->HSUPA+ i CDMA), which at the same time utilizes the original MM-IP-Mobility technology developed by us.

SLM is a complete product consisting of a certified, encrypting phone set, enclosed in a highly resistant special case (carrying case) and a specialized multisystem router based on the inQL platform, together with battery power supply module that allows for operation without external power source.

SLM Support Infrastructure  includes server infrastructure that ensures remote configuration capability as well as continuity of communications during switchovers between multiple cellular networks thanks to MM-IP-Mobility technology.

On-line always and everywhere

Ability to access multiple cellular carriers (GSM and CDMA) increases reliability and availability of the system, as well as ensures broadband data transfer all over the country. SLM Technological Solution as provided by MindMade highlights:

  • mobile classified communications suitable for Secret, Confidential and Restricted levels
  • usage of certified encrypting phone sets
  • redundant transmission in multiple differing networks
  • environmentally resistant case/carrying case
  • runs on battery power